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Student Welfare

Fees and Financial Assistance: As our VC has advised to give scholarship facility to international students, after completion of the offer and informing the Embassies, we can include this in the way we offer to our local students.

Career Counseling Center (CCC):

UIU operates a strong Career Counseling Center (CCC) for the Career Development of its students. The mission of CCC is to establish links between prospective employers and UIU students and also to develop required skills among the students according to ever changing market demand. And within a very short period of time, it has become a prime service provider to UIU students and graduates in their respective fields. CCC is currently entrusted with a number of functions, including internship placement, job search and job placement, arranging workshops, seminars & training program, company visit, on-campus interviewing, alumni association, etc. UIU Career Counseling Center has more than 20 Forums and other student bodies. Among them:

  1. UIU Marketing Forum
  2. UIU HR Forum
  3. UIU Finance Forum
  4. UIU Accounting Forum
  5. UIU Skill Development Forum
  6. UIU English Language Forum
  7. UIU Science Forum
  8. UIU Brand Forum
  9. UIU App Forum
  10. UIU Entrepreneurship Development Forum
  11. UIU Writers Forum
  12. UIU Freelancers Forum
  13. CASPER UIU Chapter
  14. UIU Communication Society
  15. UIUCCC: EEE Chapter
  16. UIUCCC: CSE+CTE Chapter
  17. UIU Green Leaf

Directorate of Student Affairs (DSA)

The co-curricular activities of our university have been evaluated and accordingly the Directorate of Student Affairs has been set up which plays the central role in the development and growth of students in co-curricular activities. This builds leadership skills among the students and highly engages them in innovative and creative activities. DSA highly encourages the students to participate in co-curricular activities i.e. debate, seminar, symposium, workshop, cultural program, community services program and games and sports of their own choice and likings. DSA creates the platforms for UIU students in order to make them competent not only in job sector but also fit for any place in this whole dynamic world.

Services provided by DSA:

For the development of UIU students DSA gives some sort of service activities like:

  1. Engagement with Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  2. Counseling Service
  3. Loan facility
  4. BOT scholarship
  5. Gymnasium
  6. Games Room
  7. Female common room