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Double Degree Program


Students from Engineering fields often feel that they need to know the business aspects too. Few students want to be entrepreneurs in future or play a major Managerial role at reputed organizations. Therefore, there is a need of having combined knowledge so that students can develop their career in a better way.

As Center for International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC), UIU always tries to bring new opportunities for the current and future students of UIU; it is considering having a Double Degree Program available for Masters program. It understands the need of having a foreign certificate to gain competitive advantages in the job market or business areas. For example, a student can have a degree of Master of Science in Computer Science in Engineering from United International University, staying in Bangladesh and Master of Business Administration in Malaysia at affordable tuition fees. Students will get the benefit of double certificates too.

If you are also thinking of having a Double Degree Program, you may like to study at UIU.