2 + 2 Program

Except for credit transfer opportunities, United International University (UIU) offers a 2 + 2 Program to both local and international students. If you cannot afford to pay tuition fees of 4 years in foreign country but still have a dream to have an experience of foreign degree, this option is for you. The 2 + 2 Program means you will be completing the first 2 years at UIU and the rest of the 2 years you can complete in foreign countries such as the USA or Australia. Therefore, you can enjoy foreign degree at lower tuition fees. First 2 years you can pay tuition fees of UIU while bearing the living cost of Bangladesh. Another 2 years you will be bearing the foreign university’s tuition fees and living cost in that country. To know more details, you are always welcome to contact Center for International Affairs and Cooperation (CIAC), UIU.

Currently we are in process of having collaboration with foreign universities for 2 + 2 Program:

1. Appalachian State University – USA

2. Macquarie University